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Mbappe Shines but Messi steals the World Cup Final

Qatar World Cup 2022 was Lionel Messi’s sixth World Cup appearance. Messi scored seven goals and three assists in his sixth World Cup. Messi was awarded Man of the Match and Golden Ball in the Qatar World Cup Final. But Kylian Mbappe won the Golden Boot by scoring eight goals. While Messi won the World Cup in his last World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar bowed out this time. Messi responded after winning the title that he is not retiring for now. But, certainly, Messi will not play in another World Cup.

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Mbappe is the star

Although Argentina did not win the World Cup this year, the world bows before Mbappe’s talent. Mbappe, who played a great game including in the final, may break many records including Messi’s when he retires. Kylian, who is only 24 years old now, won the golden boot in Qatar. He has many more World Cups ahead of him. Therefore, Mbappe is sure to take off his boots as a legend.


Criticism against Martinez

Argentina’s crowning achievement in the Qatar World Cup will mark history. More than just the world crown for Argentina after a 36-year wait, the great joy was the return of legend Lionel Messi with the trophy in his final World Cup.

It would have been a huge disappointment to the fans that Messi would have to retire without the World Cup despite having many achievements. But the prayers of billions of fans have not failed, Messi kissed the world title on the soil of Qatar.

Kylian Mbappe brought France to the point where they were expecting an easy victory over Argentina in the final. Mbappe shocked Argentina with a hat trick.

Therefore, Mbappe was the most watched by Argentines after winning the title. In this, the criticism that Argentina goalie Emiliano Martinez’s joy has crossed the limit.

After winning the title, Martinez had a doll in his hand as he cheered on an open-top bus back home in Argentina. It had Mbappe’s face. Martinez held Mbappe’s doll in his hand as if he was holding his hand. Mbappe is Lionel Messi’s teammate at PSG. Yet criticism is already rising that Messi did not try to stop Martinez’s extravagant celebration. The fans say that Argentina should not have done the act of insulting Mbappe in public.

Why Martinez is angry with Mbappe

In the shootout in the final, Martinez became the savior of Argentina with brilliant saves. But Martinez could not stop any of Mbappe’s goals in the final. Kylian scored three goals in regulation time and also found the target in the shootout. All four times, Martinez had to bow to Mbappe’s excellence. Fans say that Martinez is paying Mbappe because of this. He was also insulted in the dressing room.

Martinez received criticism for mimicking Mbappe’s goal celebration after coming to the dressing room after the victory and mocking Mbappe’s defeat by remaining silent. The majority of the fans believe that there will be a loss and a win in the match and that it is disrespectful to use such insults personally. Martinez consoled Mbappe on the field. But after coming to the dressing room, Martinez started insulting Mbappe.

In any case, even during the joy of Argentina’s victory, Martinez’s behavior can be said to have gone a little over the top.


Lionel Messi’s outstanding performance in the World Cup final is overshadowed by Kylian Mbappe’s impressive display, winning the Golden Boot. However, criticism arose due to Martinez’s behavior towards Mbappe following Argentina’s victory. 


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