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Saudi coach secret strategy against Argentina World Cup

The secret plan and strategy behind locking Messi and Argentina! The Saudi Arabia coach stated the strategies. Lionel Messi’s Argentina lifted the World Cup title when Qatar entered the World Cup. Despite the challenges, Argentina fans look forward to lifting the world crown in their last World Cup under Lionel Messi. Saudi Arabia shocked Argentina in the first match of the group stage. How Saudi Arabia defeated mighty Argentina. It wasn’t just luck. There were definite plans behind Saudi Arabia’s victory. Let’s unlock the secret.

Saudi coach’s secret strategy: Messi did not get the ball

Saudi Arabia Coach Hervé

The Saudi coach says there is no point in locking up Lionel Messi alone to defeat Argentina. The plan he implemented and succeeded in was to prevent the ball from reaching Messi. ‘It is not necessary to pay attention only to Messi. The whole Argentina team needs to be locked up. The important thing is to prevent the ball from reaching Messi that is what I paid the most attention to Rodrigo De Paul mostly passed the ball to Messi. So the important thing was to stop De Paul. “There was a specific person assigned to stop Messi from getting the ball,” Saudi Arabian soccer coach Hervé said.

The midfield was overwhelmed

Scaloni’s tactics are in the middle. Four men are assigned to deliver the ball to Messi. Three people are important in this. The important thing is to stop them from giving the ball to Messi. I already know De Paul. He had a clear understanding of his style. “But what surprised me was the performance he showed that day,” added Hervé.

Historic win for Saudi

It was the biggest victory in the history of Saudi Arabia against Argentina. Saudi won 2-1. Argentina took the lead through penalty kicks. Lionel Messi scored the goal. Later, Saudi won by returning two goals. To celebrate this victory, Saudi Arabia declared a public holiday. 

Saudi Arabia Soccer Coach Hervé

Hervé Renard is a renowned soccer coach hailing from France, known for his exceptional coaching abilities and achievements in the world of football. Born on September 30, 1968, in Aix-les-Bains, France, Renard has made a significant impact on the sport, particularly in his coaching roles. With a career spanning over several years, he has amassed a wealth of experience and success. Renard’s contributions to Saudi Arabian soccer as the national team coach have been particularly noteworthy.

Hervé Early Life and Background

Hervé Renard developed a deep passion for soccer from a young age. Growing up in a sports-loving family, he found his calling on the football pitch. Renard’s dedication and talent in the sport became evident early on, and he quickly honed his skills. Despite not achieving the same level of success as a player that he would later achieve as a coach, Renard’s playing career laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Career as a Player

Renard’s playing career was modest in comparison to his coaching achievements. Although he did not reach the pinnacle of the sport as a player, he gained valuable experience and insights that would prove invaluable in his coaching career. Renard’s determination and love for the game shone through during his playing days, even if his achievements were not as prominent.

Transition to Coaching

Realizing his true calling lay in coaching, Hervé Renard made the decision to pursue a career on the sidelines. He realized that his analytical mindset and deep understanding of the game would be more valuable in coaching and mentoring teams. Renard embarked on his coaching journey, eager to make an impact and share his knowledge with aspiring soccer players.

Notable Saudi Coach Coaching Achievements

Hervé Renard has experienced several remarkable achievements throughout his coaching career. He has enjoyed success in various leagues and tournaments, both at the club and national team levels. Renard’s ability to inspire his players, develop winning strategies, and adapt to different playing styles has resulted in numerous triumphs throughout his coaching tenure.

One of his most significant achievements came in the form of winning the Africa Cup of Nations with two different national teams. Renard first achieved this feat with Zambia in 2012, guiding the team to a historic victory. He replicated this success with the Ivory Coast in 2015, solidifying his status as a top-class coach.

Saudi Coach Coaching Style and Tactics

Hervé Renard is known for his meticulous approach to coaching and his focus on teamwork and discipline. His coaching style revolves around fostering strong relationships with players, understanding their strengths, and building cohesive units on the field. Renard’s tactics often prioritize defensive solidity while encouraging attacking flair, depending on the team’s strengths and opponents’ weaknesses.

Coaching Stints in Saudi Arabia

Renard’s coaching journey led him to Saudi Arabia, where he took charge of the national team in August 2019. His appointment was met with enthusiasm and high expectations, given his track record of success. Renard’s experience and expertise made him a suitable choice to guide Saudi Arabia’s soccer fortunes and contribute to the development of the sport in the country.

Challenges and Successes in Saudi Arabia

Coaching in Saudi Arabia presented its own unique set of challenges for Hervé Renard. Adapting to a new culture, language, and playing style required patience and flexibility. However, Renard’s ability to connect with his players, understand their motivations, and implement effective strategies allowed him to overcome these obstacles.

Under Renard’s guidance, the Saudi Arabian national team experienced several notable successes. Qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup was a significant achievement, demonstrating the progress and potential of Saudi Arabian soccer under his stewardship. Renard’s coaching acumen and leadership played a crucial role in the team’s accomplishments.

Impact on Saudi Arabian Soccer

Hervé Renard’s influence on Saudi Arabian soccer cannot be understated. His coaching philosophy and tactical approach have left a lasting impression on the players and the development of the sport in the country. Renard’s dedication to fostering a winning culture and instilling a sense of pride in the national team has contributed to the growth and improvement of Saudi Arabian soccer on the international stage.

Future Prospects and Projects

Looking ahead, Hervé Renard has expressed his desire to continue his coaching career and explore new opportunities. While specific future projects are yet to be announced, Renard’s expertise and track record are likely to attract attention from clubs and national teams seeking a proven coach with a winning mentality. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await Renard’s next venture and the impact he will undoubtedly make.


Hervé Renard’s journey from a passionate player to a highly successful soccer coach has been nothing short of remarkable. His coaching achievements, particularly in Saudi Arabia, have demonstrated his ability to inspire teams and achieve significant results. Renard’s impact on Saudi Arabian soccer has been profound, elevating the national team’s performance and contributing to the overall growth of the sport in the country. As he looks towards the future, Renard’s coaching prowess and dedication to the game will undoubtedly continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of football.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What teams has Hervé Renard coached?

Saudi Arabia Coach Hervé Renard has coached various teams throughout his career, including Zambia, the Ivory Coast, and the Saudi Arabian national team.

2: How many trophies has Hervé Renard won as a coach?

Renard has won multiple trophies as a coach, with his most notable achievements being the Africa Cup of Nations titles with Zambia in 2012 and the Ivory Coast in 2015.

3: What is Hervé Renard’s coaching style?

Hervé Renard’s coaching style revolves around teamwork, discipline, and a focus on defensive solidity while encouraging attacking flair when the opportunity arises.

4: How long has Hervé Renard been coaching in Saudi Arabia?

Hervé Renard has been coaching the Saudi Arabian national team since August 2019.

5: What are some of Hervé Renard’s notable achievements as a coach?

Renard’s notable achievements include winning the Africa Cup of Nations with Zambia and the Ivory Coast, as well as qualifying Saudi Arabia for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.



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