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FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina Win, Lionel Messi Creates History

Soccer god Diego Maradona can see everything from the sky to the eyes. His prediction of Lionel Messi as his successor was not wrong. It finally took him, Messi!, to end Argentina’s wait for football’s biggest trophy, the FIFA World Cup!

Despite achieving everything possible for a footballer in his career, there was a void for a world title. Messi has filled this on Arabian soil. He was able to end his World Cup career with the title.

36 years of waiting: FIFA World Cup

Lionel Messi in FIFA World Cup 2022
Lionel Messi in FIFA World Cup 2022

The last time Argentina touched the gold cup was in 1986 when Football God wore Maradona’s jersey. 36 long years later. Finally, the wait is over.

Can’t even imagine Argentina without Messi

Football god Maradona was with Messi as an invisible force throughout the tournament. It also underlined Messi’s magical performance.

This is Captain

Messi showed the world how to be a real captain in this World Cup. Messi has become a presence that fills the field by scoring goals and creating goals with his teammates. He underlined this by winning the Golden Ball for the best player in this World Cup. Messi scored seven goals in the tournament, including a double in the final. Maradona was the best player when Argentina won the World Cup in 1986 with five goals scored in the tournament.

Argentina Started with shock

Argentina had a shocking start to the Qatar World Cup. Argentina faced a lot of ridicule and criticism when they suffered a 1-2 defeat against Saudi Arabia. But Messi did not give up that day. Trust us, Argentina will be back. Messi has followed it. In that comeback, Argentina crushed one opponent after another.

Messi turned everything he touched into gold

Finally, in the finals, France, the champions of the last time, also knew the impact of Argentina. Messi turned everything he touched into gold in the long run to the shootout. Two goals including a penalty. Pulled the strings for another goal. Finally another goal in the shootout. Yes, this cup was for Messi. Messi, who overcame all the obstacles, was the real messiah and led the team toward that dream.

Before the Copa, today the World Cup!


It was also Messi’s second international title with Argentina. Last year, Messi ended the wait by winning the Copa America in their home country of Brazil. Within a year, Messi has added his name to the ranks of football legends by winning his biggest dream, the World Cup. Now he can royally take off the shirt of Argentina.

Maradona then, Messi today! Vamos Argentina

After 120 minutes of heart-pounding football fans, finally, the penalty shoot-out where anything could happen, the gold cup crossed all barriers and fell into the hands of the legend Lionel Messi. Argentina has become the new king of football. They won the shootout 4-2. Messi’s Argentina scored all four kicks while France’s goalie Emiliano Martinez saved one. A shot went out.

With the game tied 2-2 in regulation time and 3-3 in extra time, the tension between the teams was out of control. But Argentina won the title they deserved in the shootout. Messi scored a double for Argentina (23, 108) while the other goal belonged to Angel Di Maria. Kylian Mbappe scored a hat-trick for France. The goals were in the 80th, 81st, and 118th minutes. France was not in the picture until the 80th minute. After conceding the first goal, they rallied. Later I saw the spark game itself.

This is Argentina’s third World Cup win. Before this, in 1986, Argentina won the World Cup thanks to the magical performance of Diego Maradona. This time it was the turn of Maradona’s successor, Messi. He was leading the team to the title by scoring and hitting.

Golden Glove 2022: Argentina started well

Argentina had a very positive start. On the other hand, the French army was under pressure. They saw a lot of missed passes outside their penalty box. Argentina was the better team in the first five minutes. Di Maria came to the playing eleven and saw a more aggressive Argentina. Argentina was able to pass and play with good flow. They got both scoring opportunities.

The first was Alvarez’s in the third minute. The player chipped De Paul and volleyed the ball. But it was called offside. McCallister then tried a long-ranger from outside the box but it went straight into the hands of Lloris.

French advance

France had to wait until the 15th minute to make the first breakthrough. This was through the left wing. Mbappe made a one-touch pass to Rabiot and rushed into the box, but before the player could reach the ball, goalkeeper Martinez caught it.

Di Maria equalized the opportunity

In the 17th minute, Argentinian player Angel Di Maria missed the chance to take the lead in the game. A great move by Messi and De Paul down the right wing. Cross from De Paul across the box straight to Di Maria. Di Maria was unmarked but wasted it as he fired it over the crossbar.

Giroud’s diving header

France’s reply came within two minutes. The lightning move of the French defender Hernandez through the left wing. But the star was fouled on the left wing. Then a free kick for France. Giroud attempted a diving header from Greece’s measured free-kick but it went just over the crossbar.

GOAL!! Messi…

Goal again!! Di Maria

Argentina fired the next shot, dominating in the 36th minute. This time, this great goal was from beautiful teamwork. This goal came from a quick counterattack. McCallister’s quick move from the middle of the field with the ball that Messi turned over with the back of his boot. He broke the French defense and sent it across the box before Di María flew in from the left and beautifully placed it into the net (2-0).

France is out of rhythm

Argentina continued to be the best team on the field. The French team, on the other hand, was a shadow of what France has seen so far in the tournament. The first half did not see a good goal move or a shot on goal from the side of France. It was a pitiful sight to see superstar Kylian Mbappe struggling without even getting the ball.

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Saved by Lloris

Argentina had a chance to take the lead five minutes into the second half. Ball by Romero to Di Maria. Di Maria’s rush with the ball down the left wing. Maria’s cross to De Paul was unmarked at the second post. De Paul hit a smashing volley. But it was straight into the hands of Lloris.

Mbappe’s double whammy

It happened just as Argentina’s victory celebration was about to begin. The French team stunned Argentina by scoring two goals within a minute. France’s double blow through Mbappe was in the 80th and 81st minutes. Kolo Muani, who flew into the box with the ball from the left wing, was brought down by Otamendi inside the box. Mbappe made the ensuing penalty with a devastating kick. In the next minute, France’s equalizing goal was scored by Mbappe. Koeman took the ball from the halfway line and passed it to Mbappe. For Mbappe Thuram. After that, when Mbappe hit the net with a low volley from inside the box, which was turned over by Thuram, the goalie Martinez had no answer once again. Later the French attack was seen there. The double blow had weakened Argentina.


Lionel Messi’s historic victory in the FIFA World Cup 2022 has fulfilled Argentina’s 36-year wait for the prestigious trophy. As the team’s captain, Messi showcased his exceptional skills and leadership, solidifying his place among the football greats. This long-awaited triumph has left an indelible mark in the hearts of Argentine fans and in the annals of football history.


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