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Seven records waiting Messi World Cup 2022 final

The exciting final of the Qatar World Cup will take place tomorrow. Everyone is watching to see if Argentina, walking with the legend Lionel Messi, will beat France and win the world title.

It will be tough for Argentina to beat defending champion France. Argentina’s hopes rest on the brilliance of Messi, who is in brilliant form. This time, Messi is leading the goal scorers with five goals.

Many people want Messi to make a comeback in the World Cup, having achieved most of his achievements in football. In any case, it can be said that Messi’s performance in Qatar is something to be proud of.

Messi Records: Seven Records Await in the World Cup

1. Most competitive in World Cup history

Messi will become the most capped player in World Cup history. Since the 2006 World Cup, Messi has played 25 matches for Argentina. Messi is currently tied with Lothar Matthäus who played 25 matches. Messi will be able to top this record by entering the finals. It can be said that this is the record fixed by Messi.

2. Played more minutes in the World Cup

Messi, who played 25 matches in the World Cup, is next to the record of the player who played the most minutes in the World Cup. Lionel Messi has currently played 2194 minutes on the field. He is currently second in this record. Messi can top this record if he plays 24 minutes in the final. He is preparing to surpass Italy’s Paolo Maldini’s record. The former AC Milan legend played 2217 minutes.

3. Messi Records: More wins

Messi has a chance to break the record for the most wins in the FIFA World Cup. If Argentina beat France, it will be Messi’s 17th win. With this, Messi can join Germany’s Klose in the record for most wins in the World Cup. But it remains to be seen whether Argentina will be able to defeat mighty France.

4. Lionel Messi Records: More assists

Messi has a chance to break the record for most assists at the FIFA World Cup. Currently, Messi has 9 assists in the World Cup. Brazil’s Pele holds the record with 10 assists. Messi can top this record if he makes two assists in the final. Or it can continue to be the second runner-up in this record.

5. Golden Ball and Golden Boot

golden boot award fifa world cup 2022

Messi has a chance to become the seventh footballer to win the Golden Ball and Golden Boot at a World Cup. He is currently leading the goal scorers with five goals from 6 matches. Lionel Messi may also win the award for the best player in this World Cup. Anyway, let’s see if Messi will be able to get both achievements together through this World Cup.

6. More goal contributions

Messi has a chance to become the top goal scorer in World Cup history. So far, Messi has contributed 20 goals, including 11 goals and 9 assists. Pele has 12 goals and 10 assists in this record. He contributed 22 goals. If he performs well in the final, Messi will be able to surpass Pele’s record.

7. More Golden Balls

golden ball qatar world cup 2022

Messi has a golden opportunity to become the first player to win multiple Golden Balls in the World Cup. This is an achievement that no one else has achieved in the 92-year history of the World Cup. In 2014, Argentina did not cheat, but Messi won the best player award. Even if he doesn’t cheat this time, Messi likely to win the Golden Ball. If that happens, it will become a historical achievement.


Lionel Messi’s journey in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final holds the potential for several remarkable records to be broken. As Argentina faces the defending champions, France, the world watches with anticipation to witness Messi’s brilliance on the field.

With 25 matches played, Messi is poised to become the most-capped player in World Cup history, surpassing Lothar Matthäus. Additionally, he is on the verge of breaking the record for the most minutes played, currently held by Italy’s Paolo Maldini. These milestones highlight Messi’s enduring presence and impact in the tournament.

In terms of victories, a win against France would mark Messi’s 17th triumph, matching Germany’s Klose for the most wins in World Cup history. Similarly, Messi has the opportunity to surpass Brazil’s Pele in the assists category, requiring just two more assists to claim the record.

Furthermore, Messi’s exceptional goal-scoring form places him at the top of the charts with five goals. If he maintains his performance, Messi could secure both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball, making him the seventh player to achieve this feat and potentially becoming the first player to win multiple Golden Balls in the World Cup’s history.

Ultimately, Messi’s participation in the Qatar World Cup has been remarkable, and his potential to achieve these extraordinary records adds excitement and anticipation to the final match. Whether Argentina emerges victorious or not, Messi’s impact on the tournament and the sport as a whole is undeniably deserving of admiration and recognition.

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