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King of Football Pele Played for both teams in one match

After a thousand magical moments with the leather ball, Pele is on his way to the tent of memories. The legendary star has surrendered to cancer at the age of 82.

The empire that Pele built after overcoming poverty and hardships in his childhood is so high that no one else can reach it. Even when Pele leaves with a career of many records, the memories will not die in the hearts of the football fans.

An accomplishment only by Pele

Football King Pele
Football King Pele

Pele is a player who has accomplished many achievements in his career that no other football player can claim. One of these is the achievement of playing for both teams in one match. He has achieved this feat in his career, which is unlikely to ever happen in football. He played for both teams in a friendly match as a tribute to the unique achievements of his 22-year career. This was in 1977.

A friendly match between Brazilian club Santos FC and American Soccer League team New York Cosmos was held on October 1 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Pele’s first team was Santos FC.

The match was telecasted live by ABC with a crowd of 73,699. Many dignitaries including boxing legend Muhammad Ali were present to watch the match. Pele, who played in a Santos jersey, also scored a goal for the team in the first half. This was the last goal of Pele’s career. The goal came from a beautiful free kick from 30 yards out. Pele also played in the Cosmos jersey in the second half. Cosmos won the match 2-1. It was a friendly match that garnered a lot of attention as Pele’s last match. The next day, many media headlined Pele’s news with the headline that even the sky was crying because it was his last match.

The two clubs Pele has played for in his career are Santos and Cosmos. Pele reached the cosmos in 1975. Pele spent the last two years of his career with the New York team. He also scored 37 goals in 64 matches.

“Today is a very sad day in my life. It is time to say goodbye to him. Every day is a great honor to have played with him. He’s not a normal man for me,’ said Bobby Smith, Pele’s teammate at Cosmos.

Pele is a star blessed by God with talent. Pele holds the Guinness World Record for the highest goal scorer in football. Even when there was no technical excellence like today, Pele was able to amaze with his football game. He was able to make opponents tremble with his control of pace and accuracy of his passes. Football may have more legends with time. But no one may be able to reach Pele’s position. He has a place in the hearts of so many fans.

When is Pele Day

Brazilians even celebrate a day in Pele’s name. He scored the 1000th goal in Pele’s career on November 19, 1969. After this, November 19 is known as Pele Day in Brazil.

Although times and football may change, Pele will always remain the king of football.  Pele’s genius surpasses death and remains eternally in the hearts of his admirers.


Pele’s unmatched talent and extraordinary achievements have solidified his status as the King of Football. From playing for both teams in a single match to setting the Guinness World Record for the highest goal scorer, Pele’s legacy is one of brilliance and excellence. Fans around the world will forever cherish Pele’s impact on the game, both on and off the field. Though he may have left us, Pele’s name will continue to resonate as a symbol of greatness in the hearts of football enthusiasts for generations to come.

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