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7 Things You Need to Know About Football King Pele

World football legend Pele (82) passed away. He was in the hospital for more than a month after his health deteriorated due to cancer. From triumphing over poverty to setting extraordinary hat-trick records and earning a place in the Guinness World Records, Pele’s influence on football is truly remarkable. His legendary status is further underscored by his iconic journey through multiple teams and the annual celebration of ‘Pele Day,’ making him an enduring figure in the world of sports.

Pele is a three-time World Cup winner for Brazil

He made his debut in the national team at the age of 16 years and nine months. Pele scored in his debut match against Argentina.


Pele was born for the World Cup. World Cup at a young age

Pele was born for the World Cup. Pele, who was allowed to play in the World Cup at a young age, participated in three World Cup victories. He achieved an achievement that no one else can claim.

Brazilian football legend, king of football Pele has succumbed to death. Pele, who is the king of football, is an immortal genius who entered the hearts of fans by kicking a football even when there was no television or social media. 

Let’s take a look at 7 things you need to know about the Football King Pele.

1. Pele’s father was also a Footballer

Pele was born on October 23, 1940. His father was also a football player. Pele’s father, Joe Ramos do Nascimento, played in local football teams in Brazil. He played as a center forward. Pele’s father was the motivation and inspiration behind his getting into football.

2. Fight against poverty and advance

The living conditions of many footballers in Brazil were miserably poor. Pele’s life was the same. He grew up in extreme poverty. As a child, he earned income by working in a tea shop, polishing shoes, roasting peanuts, etc.

3. Hat tricks

Pele has scored three goals in 92 matches, four goals in 31 matches, six five-goal matches, and eight goals in one match. Pele scored 129 hat-tricks even though scoring a hat-trick remains a dream of many players.

4. Pele’s Guinness Record

Pele Guinness World Record
Pele Guinness World Record

Not many people know that Pele has a Guinness World Record. Let’s check what it is. Pele holds the Guinness World Record for most goals and most World Cup wins in his career. From September 7, 1956, to October 1, 1977, Pele played 1363 matches and scored 1279 goals in his career. This is what made him eligible for Guinness World Records.

5. Pele’s first reward

Pele got his first contract at the age of 15. This agreement was made with Santos in 1956. Pele’s first salary was $10. After playing and becoming a legend, he became one of the most valuable stars in world football.

6. Played for two teams in one match

Playing both teams in one match is a rare occurrence. But he has played like this. Pele played for two teams in the exhibition match. He played for both teams in a match between the New York Cosmos and Santos FC in New Jersey.

Pele scored a goal in the first half for Santos. The player also played the second half for the Cosmos. Cosmos won this match 2-1.

7. A Day for Pele

Will a country celebrate a day in the name of a football player? He has had such luck. He scored his 1000th goal on November 19, 1969. After this, November 19 is known as Pele Day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Who was Pele’s father?

Pele’s father was Joe Ramos do Nascimento.

2: How did Pele overcome poverty?

Pele worked various odd jobs, such as in a tea shop and shining shoes, to earn income.

3: How many hat tricks did Pele score?

Pele scored an impressive 129 hat tricks throughout his career.

4: What Guinness World Records does Pele hold?

Pele holds the Guinness World Records for most goals and most World Cup wins in his career.

5: When did Pele sign his first contract?

Pele signed his first contract with Santos at the age of 15 in 1956.

6: Has Pele ever played for two teams in one match?

Yes, he played for both the New York Cosmos and Santos FC in a match, scoring a goal for each team.

7: Is there a day dedicated to Pele?

Yes, November 19 is known as “Pele Day” in celebration of his scoring his 1000th goal on that date.


Pele’s remarkable influence, triumph over poverty, extraordinary hat-trick prowess, and Guinness World Records solidify his legendary status in football. His iconic multi-team experiences and the annual celebration of “Pele Day” further highlight his enduring legacy in the sport.

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