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Messi Retirement! How Long did Ronaldo Play? Complete Stats

In soccer, where greatness is defined by skill, passion, and undeniable talent, Lionel Messi has etched his name as one of the all-time greats. As the FIFA World Cup Final approaches, Messi has declared that this tournament will be his final appearance on the international stage. While the football world mourns the impending retirement of this Argentine maestro, another legendary player, Cristiano Ronaldo, remains determined to continue his illustrious career. In this article, we delve into the details of Messi’s retirement and Ronaldo’s decision to keep playing, examining their contributions, records, and the impact of their choices on the future of football.

Messi’s Farewell Announcement

After Argentina’s resounding victory over Croatia, securing their place in the World Cup Final, Lionel Messi spoke about his future in international football. Expressing his contentment, he stated that playing the last international match of his career in the World Cup Final brings a sense of fulfillment. With the next World Cup several years away, Messi believes it is unlikely for him to participate, and thus, he bids farewell to the international stage with this tournament. His sentiments reflect a deep appreciation for the opportunity to conclude his international career on such a high note.

Messi’s Dazzling Performance

Lionel Messi in FIFA World Cup 2022
Lionel Messi in FIFA World Cup 2022

Throughout the Qatar World Cup, Lionel Messi has been a driving force behind Argentina’s success, propelling them to the finals. His mesmerizing skills and unwavering determination have brought the team within reach of the coveted title. Argentina played six matches during the tournament, with Messi earning the title of player of the match in four of them. Furthermore, he has already notched an impressive five goals, showcasing his unmatched talent and prowess on the field.

Breaking Records, Creating History

Lionel Messi’s extraordinary journey in the World Cup has seen him shatter several records. Messi equaled Lothar Mathews’ record for most World Cup appearances in the semi-final against Croatia. He also surpassed Gabriel Batistuta’s longstanding goal-scoring record in World Cup history with his first goal of the tournament. Messi’s tally now stands at an impressive 11 goals from 25 matches, further solidifying his place in football history.

The Quest for World Cup Glory

While Messi bids farewell to international football, the footballing world eagerly anticipates Argentina’s pursuit of the World Cup crown. In the 2014 World Cup, Argentina’s loss to Germany in the final fueled their determination to end a 36-year wait for triumph. Messi’s leadership and contributions have laid a strong foundation for their aspirations, though his absence will be deeply felt.

Ronaldo’s Uncertain Future

In contrast to Messi’s retirement announcement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s plans for the future remain uncertain. Reigning European champions Portugal faced a sudden exit in the World Cup quarter-finals as Morocco defeated them, ending their tournament aspirations. Speculation arose regarding Ronaldo’s retirement, but he has yet to confirm any such decision. Recent reports suggest that Ronaldo intends to continue playing, fueling hopes for his appearance in the 2024 Euro Cup.

Ronaldo’s Struggles in the World Cup

The 2023 World Cup was not a standout tournament for Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite his formidable reputation, he managed to score just one goal in five games. Furthermore, coach Fernando Santos and Ronaldo reportedly had a strained relationship. This resulted in Ronaldo being sidelined and playing as a substitute in the last two matches. However, it is impossible to overlook Ronaldo’s undeniable talent. His extraordinary achievements piques great interest in his future contributions to international competitions.

Ronaldo’s Potential Euro Cup Participation

Portuguese media reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo might don the Portuguese jersey once again in the 2024 Euro Cup. It is scheduled to take place in Germany. Ronaldo’s decision to continue his career is believed to be driven by his desire to retire after actively participating in this prestigious tournament. The 2016 Euro Cup victory remains a significant milestone in Ronaldo’s career. Adding another European championship to his accolades would undoubtedly be a fitting finale.

ronaldo vs messi stats
Ronaldo vs Messi stats as of Feb 13, 2024
ronaldo vs messi goal contribution
ronaldo vs messi goal contribution as of 13 Feb 2024


As Lionel Messi prepares to say goodbye to international football, the sport will forever cherish his invaluable contributions. His retirement signifies the end of an era for Argentina and leaves a void that will be difficult to fill. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to continue playing ensures that his extraordinary skills will continue to grace the football pitch. The football world eagerly awaits the unfolding of these narratives. Recognizing the impact these two legends have had on the beautiful game. As they chart their respective paths, the legacy they leave behind will forever shape the annals of football history.

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