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Salma Paralluelo: A Rising Star in Spanish Soccer

In sports, it’s unusual to find an athlete who’s great at not just one, but two tough things. Even rarer is finding such proficiency in a young woman barely out of her teens. Salma Paralluelo, born and raised in Spain, is one extraordinary athlete who embodies this rarity. From a young age, Paralluelo cultivated a deep love for both football and athletics. All thanks to her supportive family who not only identified her talents but also stoked her passions. Pursuing a dual career in sports demanded immense dedication. A delicate balance, but Paralluelo conquered these obstacles with unyielding determination and innate talent. Today, her name echoes through football stadiums and athletics tracks all across Spain. This left a substantial mark on women’s sports and served as a profound source of inspiration for numerous female athletes.

Salma Paralluelo’s Early Life and Family Background

Early Life and Birthplace

Salma Celeste Paralluelo Ayingono, known popularly as Salma Paralluelo, was born on December 23, 2003, in Zaragoza, Spain. She grew up in the northeastern part of the country. In a historic city known for landmarks like the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar. These surroundings undoubtedly sparked her early interest in culture and community.

Family Background

Paralluelo comes from a multicultural background. Her father, Jean Paralluelo, comes from Equatorial Guinea, a small country in central Africa, while her mother has Spanish roots. Although she was born in Spain, it’s clear she maintains strong connections with the African country, evident through her family’s visits to Equatorial Guinea. Her multicultural lineage has not only enriched her personal experiences but also broadened her outlook toward different cultures and communities.

Influence of Upbringing on Sports Career

Paralluelo’s early interest in sports was nurtured by her family, who provided her with constant support and motivation. Her father, a former football player, played a particularly significant role in her inclination towards football. It inspired her to take up the sport.

First Steps into Sports

Paralluelo jump-started her sports career in football at a very young age. Her natural talent and enthusiasm for the game were probably inherited from her father. At the age of seven, she joined the youth ranks of Zaragoza C.F.F. It is one of the prominent sports clubs in her hometown. Here, she quickly made her mark with her unmatched talent and passion for the game.

Dual Success: Football and Athletics

Exceptionally, Paralluelo maintained a successful dual sports career, mastering not just football but also athletics. Evidence of this can be seen in her gold medal victory in the 400-meter race during the 2019 European Youth Olympics in Baku, Azerbaijan. She achieved this feat while also actively participating in UEFA’s Women’s Under-17 Championship. This makes her the first person ever to simultaneously compete in a UEFA and an Olympic event.

In essence, Paralluelo’s sports journey is a remarkable blend of dedication, family support, and varied experiences that distinguishes her as an up-and-coming talent in the international athletics and soccer arena.

An image of Salma Paralluelo showcasing her early life and sports journey.

Salma Paralluelo’s Dual Sports Career

Exceptional Career in Both Soccer and Athletics

Salma Celeste Paralluelo Giménez, born on February 8, 2004, in Zaragoza, Spain. She is among the handful of athletes who have proven their forte in two distinct sports. Better known as Salma Paralluelo in the soccer world. She has been playing soccer professionally from an early age and has concurrently been developing her career in athletics.

Paralluelo’s Journey in Athletics

Paralluelo started her journey in sports at the tender age of 10, initially pursuing athletics. She soon showcased her talent in the 400-meter hurdles, swiftly rising through the ranks among athletes her age. Paralluelo achieved a significant milestone in 2018 at the Summer Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She became the youngest Spanish runner to ever participate in such an event. Her historical moment continued when she clinched a gold medal in the mixed 4×400-meter relay. It testament to her exceptional speed and endurance.

Her dazzling journey in athletics continued when she clinched a silver medal at the Spanish Athletics Championship in 2019. Paralluelo achieved this extraordinary feat amid her commitment to football, which underscores the level of dedication she displayed in both sports.

Paralluelo’s Football Career

Parallel to her track ambitions, Paralluelo’s football career marked its beginning when she joined the Zaragoza CFF at just 11 years old. Her impressive skills caught the attention of Villarreal CF, a professional football club in Spain, and she made her senior debut at the age of 14. Her prodigious talent landed her a place in the Spanish national team for the 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship. Remarkably, Paralluelo represented her country and managed to put up effective performances, helping Spain secure the championship title.

Furthermore, in the winter of the same year, she played in the 2018 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay, where she emerged as one of the finest players, helping Spain reach the finals and win the runner-up position in the championship. Notably, she was only 14 at the time, demonstrating her extraordinary talent and maturity on the global stage.

Facts About Salma

  1. Salma Paralluelo is a Spanish women’s soccer player who was born on August 12, 2002, in Zaragoza, Spain.
  2. She made her debut for the Spanish women’s national team at the age of 16 in a match against Moldova.
  3. Paralluelo is known for her versatility on the pitch as she can play as a midfielder, forward, or winger.
  4. At the age of 15, she won the Under-20 long jump national championship.
  5. Salma also played basketball for her local team, Mann Filter Zaragoza, before focusing solely on soccer.
  6. In 2019, she became the youngest player to ever make an appearance for FC Barcelona’s women’s team at just 15 years old.
  7. She has been described as a technically gifted player with exceptional dribbling skills.
  8. Salma has been a youth player for both SD Huesca and Zaragoza CFF before joining FC Barcelona’s youth team, La Masia.
  9. She was named the Best Female Athlete of Aragon in 2018 and 2019.
  10. At the age of 16, she signed her first professional contract with FC Barcelona’s women’s team.
  11. Salma has scored crucial goals for FC Barcelona, including a brace against Real Madrid in the Copa de la Reina.
  12. She has represented Spain in international competitions, such as the UEFA Women’s European Under-17 Championship.

Recognition and Achievement

Paralluelo’s exceptional sporting achievements have not gone unnoticed. She was named the Rising Star of the 2018 Women’s U17 Championship by UEFA. The award not only highlighted her technical skills but also threw light on her leadership qualities on the field.

Her athletic venture also received due recognition, as she was awarded the bronze medal in the 400-meter event at the 2021 European Athletics U20 Championships.

A Glimpse into Salma Paralluelo’s Athletic Journey

Salma Paralluelo’s athletic journey is a testament to resilience and commitment, leaving an indelible impression on sports enthusiasts worldwide. Playing dual roles in both soccer and athletics has not only led her to break records but also set a powerful example for aspiring athletes all over the globe.

Salma Paralluelo, a young and talented athlete succeeding in both football and athletics

Challenges and Triumphs in Salma Paralluelo’s Sports Journey

Early Career and Prevalent Challenges

The dual-sport athlete, Salma Paralluelo, made her mark in both soccer and track events during the nascent stage of her sports career. Such ambitious endeavors required her to painstakingly manage the training and competition schedules of both sports. Undoubtedly, managing two high-level sports careers simultaneously proved to be a test of her physical stamina and time-management skills.

Furthermore, athletes investing their time and energy in two sports, similar to Paralluelo, frequently confront societal pressures and escalated expectations. Specifically, due to the striking performance divergence between soccer and track events, Paralluelo constantly found herself needing to adapt and perform at a competitive level in both fields. This scenario provoked substantial mental strain as she navigated the course of justifying her skills in two markedly different sports and dealing with potential skepticism about her capabilities.

Finally, like many athletes, she faced the challenges that injuries present, a common hurdle that can disrupt an athlete’s progress. Her grueling dual-sport training and competition schedule often resulted in physical strain, leading to injuries that can significantly impede an athlete’s momentum.

Milestones and Triumphs

Despite the challenges of her dual-sport career, Paralluelo’s journey has been filled with significant accomplishments that reflect her dedication, resilience, and remarkable talents. At just 15, she became the youngest player to start a game in the Spanish Women’s First Division and also helped Spain win the U17 European Championship. Moreover, she has competed impressively in the 400m at the Indoor European Championships, breaking her personal record several times.

Paralluelo’s skill in football did not go unnoticed by the respected Villarreal CF, with whom she signed a contract in 2020—an instrumental step for her football career. She has consistently participated in Villarreal’s competitive matches, playing a crucial role in the team’s ongoing success.

In 2018, Paralluelo’s accolades were further underscored when she was recognized by the Catalan media as the year’s youngest sports figure. This award acknowledged her striking potential and talent in both football and athletics, paving her path toward a bright future in both sports.

Beyond her professional achievements, one of her most noteworthy victories has been her ability to successfully balance her sports and academic responsibilities. Despite her demanding dual-sport schedule, Paralluelo has always ensured that her education receives equal attention, showing her commitment to mental development alongside her athletic progress.

The Impact of Salma Paralluelo in Women’s Sports

Salma Paralluelo: A Multi-Sport Athlete Who Defies Limits

Born on December 24, 2003, Salma Celeste Paralluelo Giménez has made a remarkable impression in the sphere of women’s sports, particularly in her home country of Spain. She has established her name in not just one, but two demanding sports—football and athletics.

In football, Paralluelo showcases stellar skills as she currently serves as a forward for Villarreal CF in the Primera División, the highest league of women’s football in Spain. She consistently enthralls fans with her command of the game and the adept knack to outsmart her opponents.

In athletics, Paralluelo’s performance is equally impressive. As a sprinter, she has represented Spain in several international events, including the 2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships. Here, she surprised spectators by reaching the semi-finals in the 400 metres event at only 15 years old.

Paralluelo doing well in both football and athletics is not only inspiring but also gives hope to many young female athletes. Her success could encourage other girls to try different sports and make a difference in women’s sports worldwide.

Salma Paralluelo’s Influence on Women’s Sports

Paralluelo’s groundbreaking dual career inspires not just women in Spain but around the globe. Her determination and resilience in pursuing a career in football and athletics challenge conventional norms and limitations, setting an example for other sportswomen.

Today’s society, especially within the realm of athletics, often tends to categorize athletes into specific disciplines. However, athletes like Paralluelo excelling in different sports could change how people see female athletes and what they can achieve.

Through her achievements, Paralluelo has opened a door for young girls who aspire to diversify their athletic prowess and defy gender and sports norms.

Future Predictions for Paralluelo

The future looks bright for Paralluelo, fueled by her early breakthroughs in both athletics and football. Experts predict that she would have a prosperous career in either sport, given her demonstrated talent and commitment to exceeding in both domains.

Some people think that as she grows up and gets better at sports, Paralluelo could become a top athlete in the world. But she might have to pick one sport eventually to reach her full potential. This could lead to a great career in either track or football.

Because of this, football and athletic organizations are paying more attention to Paralluelo. They see her special talent and determination to break barriers in women’s sports. They promise to support her future goals.


In conclusion, Salma Paralluelo is an embodiment of potential, promise, and change in women’s sports. Her dual-sports career is a testament to her talent, determination, and resilience, bestowing her as a beacon of inspiration for young sportswomen in Spain and around the world.

Salma Paralluelo - A young athlete excelling in both football and athletics

Salma Paralluelo’s journey is truly captivating. Showcasing not only her relentless dedication to mastering two sports but also her ability to conquer obstacles and celebrate victories along the way. Her journey delineates how an individual can excel in multiple fields with a fine blend of talent, passion, and diligence. Furthermore, Paralluelo’s skill in excelling at two challenging sports and her ongoing dedication serve as an example for girls everywhere. Her continuous improvement in both football and athletics not only enhances women’s sports but also demonstrates that girls can thrive in multiple sports. Her successes prove that anyone can break through limits with determination and courage, becoming an example for the next generations.

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